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Wexford, PA, August 24, 2018– Coeptis Pharmaceuticals, Inc announced today that it has entered into a multi-product agreement with Jabez Pharma under which Coeptis and Jabez expect to develop and commercialize several generic and animal health products. Under the terms of the agreement, Coeptis and Jabez will have a shared ownership in the product basket, which are all currently under development.  The products in the most advanced stages of development will be filed with the FDA in 2019.

Dave Mehalick, CEO of Coeptis stated: “With both Jabez and Coeptis going through periods of immense growth, this agreement will allow for each company to expand their pipeline while minimizing development risk. As the more advanced products mature through FDA approval and launch, we intend to expand this agreement with Jabez, as well as enter into similar type agreements with other companies.”

Speaking about his future vision for Jabez, Mr. Beagle, CEO of Jabez stated, “The key to our success is partnering with the right drug development partners.  We have chosen a team of individuals who have proven their successes and know how to select and build drug product assets efficiently and effectively.  The team at Coeptis focus on cost effective solutions in this hyper competitive market. With their unique expertise in complex supply chain, Coeptis is well positioned to service clients looking to outsource their R&D and commercial activities. I am pleased to be joining the Coeptis team with the goal of building upon Jabez’s existing strategic relationships while also targeting new opportunities both here in the US and globally.”

About Coeptis Pharmaceuticals:

Coeptis Pharmaceuticals, Inc is a privately held pharmaceutical company engaged in all phases of the pharmaceutical business. Headquartered near Pittsburgh, PA, the company holds a robust pipeline of niche, high-barrier generic and 505(b)(2) products across various therapeutic categories.


About Jabez Pharma:

Jabez Pharma is a drug development company which utilizes collaborative partnerships to develop, manufacture, and market commercially available drug products.  Jabez’s focus is on projects that bring value to the patient through improved medicine, enhanced drug delivery systems, and reduced costs.

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